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Proudly Representing the Following Companies



Gardner Denver is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of centrifugal blowers, exhausters, industrial vacuum systems, blower control and monitoring systems and engineered packaged solutions.  Gardner Denver serves customers worldwide in numerous air and gas applications such as wastewater treatment, landfill and digester gas, industrial vacuum systems, combustion and process air and many more. With product lines including HOFFMAN, INVINCIBLE, LAMSON, and TURBOTRON, Gardner Denver represents a proven history and reputation for quality, dependability and performance.



Oil Skimmers specializes in recovering all types of floating waste oils.
The Model 6V and Model 5H Oil Skimmers are found in tens of thousands of the most diverse and demanding applications around the world. They do their job of picking up oil day after day, year after year with virtually no supervision or maintenance.



Carlson Floor Coatings has nearly 15 years of experience in the installation of protective flooring and lining systems.  Clearly recognized as “The Best in the Midwest”, Carlson has the experience and the crew to assure professionally installed flooring or lining system – Done Right The First Time.  “IT’S ALL IN THE INSTALL”



Protective Floorings and Linings is a manufacturer of corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant epoxy floor toppings, epoxy liners, epoxy coatings, epoxy grouts, polyester floor toppings, polyester grouts, vinylester floor toppings, vinylester liners, vinylester coatings, vinylester grouts, vinylester polymer and urethane coatings.  Protective Floorings and Linings can provide the correct system and technical support in environments ranging from USDA food and beverage facilities, tank liners, secondary containment farms, chemical processing plants and Pulp and Paper plants.



Enviroline Group is a specialized manufacturer of state of the art, high performance coatings and linings designed to provide long term durability and protection against chemical attack, corrosion and leaks. Enviroline Group has a proven history of quality applications in a number of industries, including chemical processing, hazardous material storage, oil and gas, railcar, food and beverage processing and wastewater treatment.




Graver Technologies manufactures a variety of filter housings and replacement elements to meet a variety of application needs. CONSLER is the brand of choice when it comes to protecting blowers and compressors. In addition to a wide selection of standard filters and vessels for air, gas, and liquid applications, custom- engineered solutions are provided to manufacturers of vacuum pumps, compressors, and power generating turbines.


Donaldson Filtration’s dedication to filtration research and development is unique within the industry. Having designed the most efficient filtration technology, filter media and filter cartridges for all types of dust, fume and mist particulate. Donaldson has the broadest line of collectors and filters available – from central, source and ambient systems to baghouse, envelope and cartridge technologies.


General Rubber Corporation designs and manufactures an extensive line of mechanical rubber products. This includes expansion joints, Soundzorbers, and fittings used in all industries with piping systems worldwide. General Rubber Expansion Joints provide pipe motion compensation in the shortest space possible. They compensate for misalignment, and reduce stress, noise, and vibration in piping systems.


Morse Manufacturing is known as “The Specialist In Drum Handling Equipment”.  Morse offers drum trucks, drum dollies, drum palletizers, forklift attachments, as well as a variety of drum handlers to lift, move, rack, weigh and pour drums.  Morse drum handling equipment includes a full line of drum rotators to mix drum contents, drum pumps, drum wrenches, drum faucets, and drum heaters. 

For more than 40 years, Morse Equipment Company has represented manufacturers of quality industrial equipment, supplies, and high performance coatings & linings in the states of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  For more information on any of these products see our website at or contact Ken, Jason, or Lyle Morse.